• 47-Day Keto Diet Challenge Results #5

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    keto 47 with bacon sauasage- Ketogenic Diet Challenge

    Down below are the results and some reflection sheet answers for the 5th ever 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge! You can see the results for the 1st ever Ketogenic Diet challenge here. You can also check out the ketogenic webinar here to find out if this lifestyle is for you- YES it is a lifestyle not a diet. 

    This was the fifth 47-day Ketogenic Diet Challenge that Improvement Warrior Fitness has put on. More will definitely be coming with the exceptional results and life changes people have made because of it. 

    Please keep in mind that this is not a weight loss challenge. Weight, fat, and inches lost will be a by-product of this style and plan of nutrition. But it's main goal is to rid your body of the cravings for bad stuff– sugar and refined/processed carbs (breads, grains, pasta, cereal, etc….) Our hope is to teach you an eating plan you can stick with for life and never, ever have to diet again- because diets don't work for long-term health and body composition- EVER!

    To check out the actual 47-Day Keto Challenge for Improvement Warrior's and to enter yourself please click here. 


    Congrats to everybody that participated but especially to those who completed the whole challenge and made the necessary changes to thrive in the years and decades to come!

    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be The Improvement Warrior!

     Ketogenic diet and low carb eating facebook support Columbus, OH Jason Yun


    Measurements and Pictures (in no particular order)- We had other finishers however they did not submit a picture. We respect people's wishes as not everybody likes to be put up on the interwebs. We also thank those who do everyday because you never truly know how a picture or story can inspire somebody else to take action with their nutrition and life!

    Nadia G.

    Hilliard Nutrition Ketogenic Diet Coach



    Mike E. 

    Columbus Ketogenic diet challenge Jason Yun

    Jason Yun's 47-Day Challenge Keto

      Recipe Corner:

    Below is our recipe playlist of the fabulous ketogenic diet recipes that you can eat


    And the  winner is:

    You Pick the winner! Leave your comment down below with who you think should be the winner of the 5th 47-Day Keto Challenge! 

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