• 30-Day Cleanse Challenge Finalists


    Super excited for the results that these two finalists got going through the Cleanse Challenge.

    Please take the time to read through their stories and go through their remarkable transformations in just 30-days.


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    Expectations Essay

    I don’t know what to expect from the challenge.  I expect to be very tired and to miss caffeine desperately.  Part of me expects to lose some weight and then gain some, but not all,  back.  Part of me is terrified that I will do all of this and lose no weight.  I do not expect to cheat on the challenge because I am pretty excited to get the best results possible.  I really just want to see how my body responds when I do everything I am “supposed” to do.


    Conclusion Essay

    Angie Kirk

    Wow.  What a difference 30 days makes.  Today is the last day of the challenge and I can't stop smiling.  I did it.  30 days with no coffee.  30 days of no cheese(!).  30 days without sugar.   I feel like a rockstar.  I lost 18 pounds.  That's 10% of my weight.  During the cleanse I started fitting into pants I hadn't worn in 5 years.  By the end of the cleanse, I don't fit into them anymore…  Because they are too big!!!!!!!!!!   I used to buy some of my clothes at what I called the “big girl” store.  I went there to get some new stuff, just out of habit, and then, as I was going through a rack of stuff, I realized that they don't carry the size I am now.  I practically ran to a store that I used to love but which I had stopped going to because they only sold “normal” sizes.  I tried on so many things and they all fit.  I wasn’t choosing the one thing that fit.  I was choosing from tons of things that fit to pick the few things that looked GREAT.

    And, I don’t even miss anything.  I am so thrilled with how I feel and the results that I see in the mirror that I don’t even want to stop the program.  This morning, I went to Improvement Warrior Fitness (bootcamp) and then, for breakfast, I cooked a tomato, spinach, one egg and ½ cup of egg whites. I am still going to have a shake for lunch.   My dinner will be the same as it was when I was on the program.   It feels ridiculous to say this, but  I am starting to believe I was addicted to sugar and other foods that were making me fat, keeping me fat, and preventing me from being happy.

    I also can't get over the compliments I am receiving.  People keep coming into my office and asking me to stand up so they can see.  30 days ago I weighed 179.  I now weigh 161, that means I lost 18 pounds (and actually lost another 2.2 since writing this).  That's 10% of my total body weight.  I lost 4 inches in my waist alone.  I lost inches in my hips and around my ribcage (see you later back fat), and an inch around my thigh.

    My work isn't done.  I have set a short term goal to get me through the Holidays:  I want to enter 2014 at 155 lbs.  That's only losing 6 pounds in 10 weeks which seems pretty lame after having lost triple that in half the time, but I don't want to set myself up for failure.  I know the holidays are coming and I will have drinks, and good food and may not be able to get outdoors as much.  I will hit 155 and then, come March, I will do the cleanse again.  I turn 40 in July.  My long term goal is to turn 40 weighing 144.  That's only 15 more pounds to go!

    To contact Angie about the Cleanse you can email her here 

    angela kirk before after front

    Weight- 20.2 pounds
    Neck 12.4/12.2 -.2
    Arm 11.55/11.3 -.25
    Chest 43.4/42.1 -1.3
    Waist 39.1/ 35 -4.1
    Hip 43.6/ 42.1 -1.5
    Thigh 23.8/22.2 -1.6
    Calf 15.5/15.5 -0
    Total inches lost- 8.95 Inches




    BEFORE Essay

    I was never the athletic one in my family of six kids, but I did take ballet lessons when I was little and was on the high school drill team.  I started taking karate my freshman year in college to learn self-defense and fight off the dreaded freshman 15 pounds.  Since college, I have always participated in some form of exercise and maintained a healthy weight.  However, metabolism became my enemy in my mid-forties and my weight has been increasingly stubborn.  Before I turned 50, I told everyone my goal was to be 50 and fabulous. I was doing bootcamp with Jason Yun and, though not obsessive, tried to eat right.  I watched Dr. Oz, passed on birthday sweets at the office, and exercised three times a week.  I recently had a health assessment done at work.  Here I am today, 51 years of age: my HDL is too low, my LDL is too high, and my triglycerides are way too high.  I am overweight according to the Body Mass Index.  My blood pressure is good, but my body fat percentage is not healthy.

    Still, I am in my fifties and my goal is to be fabulous.  Thanks to the Improvement Warrior Fitness, I feel great physically.  I went hiking at Old Man’s Cave last summer with my family (the first annual girls’ weekend) and canoed for seven miles and didn’t feel sore later.  But I want to be healthier – lower my cholesterol and body fat, particularly the visceral fat since both of my parents had heart bypass surgery.  My pants are too tight, and I refuse to buy a larger size.  I want to look better in the clothes I have and look as good as I feel.  I am going to do the 30-day challenge so I can have the motivation and support of others.

    After Essay


    I am glad I made the decision to do the 30-day cleanse challenge.  I feel better and can fit into my clothes better.  Actually, I have to wear a belt for some of my pants. Though I thought I ate fairly healthy before,  I am making better decisions on what I eat and cook from what I have learned through this challenge.  I am purchasing more organic foods, cut out nitrates, sugar, and drinking water.  I was never a big water drinker drinking mostly tea, skim milk, and occasionally diet pop.

    My family is learning to eat healthier too.  I participate in a dinner swap with my Mom and two sisters.  The four of us meet every Sunday and swap what each person has cooked for dinner.  The requirement has always been that the food has to be healthy – no white rice, no white potatoes, nothing fried, whole grain breads, and wheat pasta.  We have been doing this dinner swap for at least four years and it works out great to have four meals already prepared for that week.  So during my 30-day cleanse challenge, they had to cook meals with no pasta or rice, and encouraged to buy grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, and use other oils for cooking.

    I am having a positive influence on friends and coworkers too.  They are amazed at my willpower to pass up birthday cake, pumpkin doughnuts, and other goodies brought into the office.  Some of them are taking small steps to eat healthier.  Even though I did not follow the cleanse 100% of the time, I did not beat myself up for not following the guidelines.

    I lost 12.6 pounds during this 30-day challenge.  I feel great and have more energy.  I have a theme song now – “Age Ain't a Factor” by Jaheim where he says “you're like a fine wine, you get better with time”.  I want to continue eating healthier to lower my cholesterol and body fat percentage so I will continue to use the cleansing system.  My goal was to be in my fifties and fabulous.  I definitely feel fabulous.


    To contact Juana about the Cleanse you can email her here 

    isagenix cleanse before after columbus, oh

    Weight -13.2
    Neck- 13.2/ 12.6 -.6
    Arm- 12.05/11.00 -1.05
    Chest- 36.6/ 35.9 -.7
    Waist- 34.6/ 31.6 -3.0
    Hip- 40.2/ 37.6 -2.6
    Thigh- 23.6/ 21.5 -2.1
    Calf- 15.5/14.5 -1.0
    Total inches lost 11.05

    isagenix cleanse challenge improvement warrior fitness

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