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    Who We Are?

    Improvement Warrior Fitness

    New Albany, Ohio Small Group Strength & Conditioning Program For Busy Adults & Youth Athletes Instills Easy Ways That You Can Change Your Body, Mind, Life, Get Your Energy Back & Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again!!!

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  • No Cardio Here! Our Conditioning Burns The Fat!

    We don’t do any cardio in our program. We only have a specified time with you each day and don’t want to waste it. Our conditioning program will get you in shape faster then anything you’ve done in the past.

  • Charity Workout Events

    Improvement Warrior Fitness Loves to give back. Throughout the year we have some super special charities that we support and raise money for. The workouts are usually themed. Our big ones of the year are the pumpkin workout, the food drive workout, the beat Michigan workout, and the toy drive workout.

  • Fun

    Training is hard, however that doesn’t mean it should not be fun. We are constantly doing things to bring our Improvement Warriors together. Whether it is a partner workout, group outings, seminars, charity events, our FitRanX Super Saturday, or our physical or nutritional challenges! A smile makes everything better.

  • Strength Training

    The best way to lose weight & stubborn body fat is through strength training. We do it in a Smart Group Training (SGT) way. Every exercise we have a safe progression and regression. Certain exercises certain people will not be ready for or strong enough to perform. Strength is a journey.

  • Nutrition Seminars & Potlucks

    You can do all the training and working out in the world if your nutrition is off then you are not going to change your body. You can’t out exercise a bad nutrition plan. At IWF we make it a point to constantly be providing nutrition information in the form of seminars, potlucks,…

  • FitRanX

    FitRanX is our assessment system. We want to know that you are making progress. Plus this gives you the motivation to keep Improving each and every month. If you think of how the martial arts have their belt system then this is like a ‘belt system’ for strength & conditioning.

  • Group Personal Training

    Just because we train in groups does not mean that you aren’t going to get the attention needed to obtain your goals. Our training program is systemized; meaning that everything we do has a reason behind it. Someone who needs more help in the beginning will get the extra help.

  • Improvement Warrior Tribe

    Once you become a part of IWF you will quickly see that we are a community of people who are striving for the betterment of our health, fitness, strength, body, nutrition, and mindset. The coaches and other Improvement Warriors will all push you to become your best each and every training session

  • Your Starting Level

    Our workouts are as hard as you want them to be. Everybody coming in is coming in at different strength & fitness levels. You do what you can with where you are and progress everyday from there. It is a journey that requires consistency, persistence and hard work. Earn it! Become the Improvement Warrior! Sign […]

  • Our Team

    At Improvement Warrior Fitness in New Albany, Ohio we are Coaches rather then Trainers. A coach inspires, motivates, and makes sure you are always progressing. We don't simply count reps and stand around with a clipboard. It's time to be coached to unleash your full potential & greatness!

    Jason Yun


    [sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Jason Yun is the owner of Improvement Warrior Fitness. He started the company in 2007. He has been married to Katie since 2011, and the father to Spencer (2014), Payton (2019) Lucy (Yellow Lab 2010), and Fenway (Black Shi-Poo 2010). His favorite workout involves kettlebells and barbells.


    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior.


    At IWF we make want to feel comfortable in your workout environment. Everybody who comes in comes in at different levels. You don't move up a level until you show you can. We also will give you continued support outside our training facilities walls with your nutrition, recovery, sleep, and stress management


    2-3 workouts a week combining strength & conditioning type movements like we do will be plenty for you to change your fitness, strength, self-confidence, and body. However, consistency is key. Having a goal is key. Having accountability and motivation is key. We provide all of that.


    Whether this is achieving a certain body fat percentage, weight loss or inches lost goal, moving up a level in FitRanX, or achieving one of your primary life goals..... With our fitness program everything becomes that much easier to achieve.


    Working out should be fun and challenging. If it doesn't challenge you then it won't change you. If it isn't fun then you won't stick with it in the long run. Our program has been designed to constantly keep you progressing and striving to become the strongest version of yourself. To become the Improvement Warrior!